Personal Pet Chef Services

 Now your carnivore can be a locavore and reduce his carbon pawprint!

We serve local markets
We use reusable or compostable containers
We use locally sourced ingredients when possible

Vets frequently suggest an elimination diet to detect ingredients in your pet’s diet that may be causing skin or digestive ailments

Working with your vet and/or our recommended veterinary nutritionists, we can provide home made food with specific protein and carbohydrates to identify, by elimination, the causes of allergies or intolerances

Weekly or bimonthly scheduled deliveries

Serving the San Francisco East Bay
Additional fee charged for areas across the Bay

Links and Resources

UC Davis Nutrition Support Service- You will need to consult with your vet to use this service 

PetDiets Veterinary Nutrition Consultation - For customized diets if you pet has no health issus



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